Question 1. What is the usual duration before the project starts to operate?

This is usually one of the first question the developer will ask. It will depend on the scale of the project, the destination and target, the expected quality, the materials used (need for imports or not), and the budget.

There is always a strong link between the 3 components of a project: duration - quality - cost.

Depending on the owners' requirement, we would prefer to focus on the quality and the cost first.

Question 3. What type of development did the SCAZMA team handle in the past?

Today, our expertise covers various fields such as: hospitality, agri and agro food businesses, luxury goods, banking, and now we are currently being asked to study projects in the medical sector.

We want all of our projects to be a success, so we carefully study the client's requests and deny services if we believe that we lack the expertise to make a unique and profitable experience for the owner.