After 10 years of managing family owned companies and buildings factories in Europe, Scazma started consultancy work mainly for agro food businesses including factory process optimization. They did this through partnerships with the companies Merger and Acquisition in Eastern and Northern Europe to develop organic food and sustainable production.

During the same period of time, another future Scazma partner (Christine Avril) was head of the leather hand bag processing units for the famous luxury HERMES brand in Paris.


LIMBADA AND LIMBADA, based in Mauritius and with one office in Kenya, is a new partner of Scazma. Building beautiful, creative, and astonishing concepts is the main goal of Scazma. Scazma and Limbada worked together on the Warwyck project and developed a working relationship with trust as the foundation. Both companies decided to continue this fruitful and rich relationship by agreeing to a lasting partnership that will lead both companies towards an increasingly international path.



In 2005, the partners moved to South East Asia to follow some investment opportunities. They were mainly involved in the restructuration of textile factories (in Laos, Thailand and Madagascar) and the creation of a new luxury leather production unit in Thailand. After this, the partners started to receive requests from investors seeking advice and management for their developments in the region. The hospitality business was studied in detail and the team started consultancy work based on financial, artistic, and engineering expertise.


Scazma established an office in Phnom Penh as a foundation for entering the local market, and to serve long term partners in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Scazma successfully signed new projects both in and out of Phnom Penh. The scope of work includes project management, design (architecture and interior), and engineering coordination for new hotels and resorts. During Quarter III of 2018, Scazma also embarked on a grand project in Hoi An, and ancient town in Central Vietnam. 


Mr. Roger Zannier, a famous and talented business man, decided to create a luxury resort in Siem Reap, Cambodia (Zannier Hotels to be now managed by his son) which Scazma managed from A to Z. This large scale project was worked on at the same time that Scazma expanded its skills to all fields required to complete a project. These skills include the consolidation of knowledge on hospitality, sourcing special materials, creating exclusive items (bronze, stone, leather, wood..),and  establishing a partnership in Asia with suppliers, contractors, and architects.


In 2019, We designed the Hoi An hotel and we completed all drawings for a Hotel renovation in Northern Cambodia achieving a unique design without leaving behind the traditional Khmer style. We also started the interior design of a new hotel in the Island of Phu Quoc, Vietnam, and for the first time, we managed a large-scale service apartment building including architecture, interior, engineering, and project management. It will become a unique luxury residential tower with 33 floors located right in the heart of Phnom Penh. 



The resort Phum Baitang opened in 2015 in Cambodia and was awarded the honor of the best design resort in Asia in 2016. This was  great news for all that were involved in this development; the architect - the owner, but especially for SCAZMA who handled the complete process, coordination, and material creation and sourcing (done mainly on site with local handcrafters). During the 4 years of development, Scazma did work with many partners in Asia, especially in Vietnam, and this is automatically led to the next step: the creation of SCAZMA in Vietnam.



2020 was for Scazma, our partners, and the whole world affected by the Covid Pandemic. Despite all the challenges, we could continue to work, develop concepts and accompany our clients during their construction process, especially in Cambodia.

Scazma built its reputation in South East Asia thanks to the trust of all of its partners and we will continue to deliver unique and authentic projects, developed with a passion for design and management. We focus on generating sustainable growth success for our clients.

Scazma recruits, so please do not hesitate to join our team and contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Creation of Scazma in Vietnam included the recruitment of both Vietnamese and foreigners for the local team. It consisted of people with skills in Finance, Architecture, Engineering, Project Management, and Sourcing. It was started through signing for 2 luxury resorts in Vietnam. One located in Phu Yen province (100 hectares of land)  and the other in Binh Thuan Province (also 100 hectares of land, including a protected sand dune). For both projects, we worked on design, engineering, project management, and built a beach mock up that was completed in 2017. This was a large achievement for the first year of the new team in Vietnam.