Concept definition and Financial analysis

Any successful project starts with proper analysis in order to define the concept, positioning, products portfolio (if any), and targets. It is essential in this early stage to make sure that the concept is approved by the client. It should then remain the vertebral column of development during all and any other stages of the development. The concept needs to be translated into a financial projection, and we normally propose this phase to include design brief, SOA (Schedule Of Areas), investment budget, financial forecast based on operation hypothesis, preliminary mood boards to explain architectural ideas and style, and concept master plan, which gives zoning and operation flow within the property.

Master planning

This phase is used to detail the Master Plan for the client to understand and approve of the flow of people and goods, the proposed zones, and also to provide all drawings as required by the local authorities.

When the Model becomes reality

This phase usually applies mainly to hotel or resort development and includes the architectural detailed design, the MEP and structural design, and the interior decoration.

SCAZMA will provide all drawings for the construction permit, and will negotiate and follow the construction of this mock up. 

For some projects, a model or 3D views can be done as required by the owner/developer.

Complete design

Complete design is both architectural and technical.

Our scope will include architectural detailed design, MEP and structural design, and interior and lighting design for all zones. These zones include wellness, restaurant(s), back of house, bar(s), swimming pool, and kids zone…

Scazma will provide all drawings ready for construction and coordination of all legal permission when required.